The annual meeting is an important club function as vote for the 2017 officers and board.  We also enjoy time with our cycling colleagues, have dinner, celebrate 2016 honoring our Board of Directors and other volunteers, our high mileage riders and member of the year Spirit Award. We always look forward to the Savvy Cycling Tours announcement, and enjoy a raffle of 'merch' donated by sponsors.
This year we will also have a special program:

For 35 years RAAM has been challenging ultra cyclists from around the globe to push their physical and mental limits to the farthest reaches.  Starting in Oceanside, RAAM spans 3000 miles, climbs 175,000 feet, crosses 12 states and finishes in Annapolis, Maryland.  

Winner of RAAM 2016 four man team under 50 was TEAM WORKING NATION.  Kurt Broadhag, one of the four cyclists, will be the featured speaker at our annual meeting.  He has participated in RAAM three times, each time under a different charity/sponsor.  The first year they finished in second place, the following year they finished first and in 2016 they finished first with the top fastest finish times of ALL racers in ALL racing categories and ages, including the 8 person team.

Team Working Nation is a charity whose goal is to help restore the middle class.  They raise awareness about the reasons for structural unemployment and highlight programs across the country aimed at solving these problems.  Kurt has received 25 state championships on road and track.  He will be speaking about his RAAM experience!


New Officers-elect*: Maya, Steve, Deby & Jane:
  • Social & Raffle ticket placing (10 tickets for $10, 25 for $20, 40 for $30)
    Kim Gerrard has prepared a slide show of 2016 BCI images submitted by members 

  • "Big Reveal" of Richard Sheff's 2017 Savvy Cycling Tour
  • Dinner
  • Guest Program: Kurt Broadhag on his team's 2016 RAAM Victory
  • President Mike Farrell presides over the business of the Annual Meeting
    • Celebration and recognition of
           2016 Board of Directors and Volunteers,
              Top 3 men & top 3 women Mileage Leaders,
                Member of the Year 2016 (Spirit Award)
    • Election and installation of the  2017 Officers 
  • Over $3,000 in Raffle Prizes from supporting Bike Shops and others... 
Faces of our 4 New Officers-Elect*: Maya, Steve, Deby & Jane
joining Mike, Jim, Bob, Marc & Bill for 2017
In order to plan the correct headcount to the caterer we had to have all reservations and payments in by January 18th.  If you missed the deadline, you may still attend, play the great raffle & vote for the 2017 Officers if you are a current member, without dining.  

Registered Dinner Attendees:
2:  Andy & Jerry Bailey
3:  Robert Blaisdell
6:  Wayne & Nancy Broadhag & Rufus Edwards
8:  Kurt & Stephanie Broadhag (Guest Speaker)
10: Ramona Dalton & Don Tillinghast
12: Will & Kathi Decker
13: Bill DeHart
15: Mike & Joveth Farrell (President & President-elect)  
16: Alice Fascella
18: Kim & Peter Gerrard
20: Katja Harwat & Frank Vose
22: Paul & Elise Haussler
24: Mike & Peggy Heitzenrader
26: John & Patty Hoskins
28: Neal & Candi Hutchinson
29: Betsy Jackson
30: Jami Josifek
31: Bruce Kettner
32: Jodie Kinney
33: John Lee
35: Karen Lewis Cook & Danny Cook
36: Alex Lim
38: Joseph & Patricia Lock
39: Richard Martin
41: Sandy & Scott Martin
43: Monica McCarthy & Bob Fairfield (Outgoing Membership)
44: Cathy McCoy
45: Bob McHenry (Secretary & Secretary-elect)
46: David Mottershead
48: Norm & Mary Moyer (Outgoing Ride Coordinator)
50: Jim & Vicki Norman (Director@Large & Ride Coordinator elect) 
51: Phil Norton
52: Josh Peters
53: Penny Poorman (Outgoing Vice President & Annual Meeting Coordinator)
55: Randy & May Ann Profeta (Director @ Large)
57: William & Judy Quon
58: Ann Reichling (Outgoing Treasurer)
59: Fran Reynard
61: Kim & Steve Rizzuto
63: Jeff & Barbara Rosenthal
64: Ed Rubinstein
66: Bob & Barb Ruris
67: Jane Schrenzel* (Hospitality-elect)
69: Bill & Dev Sellin (Communications & Communications-elect)
70: Mark Shapiro
72: Aaron & Beth Sher
73: Jennifer Short
74: Deby Six* (Membership-elect)
76: Ed & Shelly Trainor
78: Jerri Bennett-Van Houten & Gordon Van Houten
80: Marc & Melanie Urias (Statistician & Statistician-elect)
81: Kay Utley
82: Karen Wendel
83: Maya Ziegler* (Vice President-elect)