TidyHQ is the home for our membership details, membership and event payments, and it also houses all your personal details that the organization needs to run BCI. In late 2015 we loaded our then active members into this service and now we need you to log in and get your own password. Newer members who joined after January 2016 through TidyHQ already are signed up.
Once you have a password you can maintain your own profile. This includes opting in (or out) of our future roster publications, and logging in to renew. 

So, let’s get you on TidyHQ

  1. To get your TidyClub login, follow this link:
    (NOTE - do not use this link if you have already signed up. Click HERE to edit your profile instead.)

  2. Enter the email address we have on file. If you're pretty sure you know what we would have on file, you can try that address. If that email doesn't work, contact us & we will look you up and input your current email address (real person work - so give us a few days!)

  3. After you enter your email address, click the ‘Reset Password’ link.

  4. In the next screen, enter your email address again to receive a reset-password link email.

  5. Then go check your email for a password reset link. Follow the prompts to set a new password.

That's it! Thanks for signing up.

If you are ready to return from a lapsed membership (let us know you are renewing or give us your original BCI# or say "renew" after your name)  
                                or If you are looking to join as a new member, click here.