BCI Members have enjoyed pot lucks since the beginning - and this is our seasonal party !
This year the charity we are going to support is Families Forward, a nonprofit organization committed to helping local Orange County families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  We are asking attendees at our holiday party to bring gift cards, toys or other items for needy families.  Here is a link with information about this charity: 
Here is a link with a list of suggested items to donate.  They especially need items for teens.  https://tinyurl.com/ycw7uq6u
Families Forward suggests that if you want to donate gift cards, that you consider "The Preferred Gift Card", a gift card that is honored by over 400 merchants and can be purchased online at Irvine Spectrum's Website or at the Guest Services kiosks at the Irvine Spectrum, Fashion Island, and The Marketplace in Tustin. Families who received this last year were very appreciative, as it gave them shopping flexibility and has no expiration date, but it does take a surcharge. Target sells shoes to groceries & gift cards are full value with no mark up to purchase...

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  We look forward to seeing you at the holiday party!

Working Wardrobes Career Center and Trails End Cyclery will also be happy to accept any bicycles to rehab & distribute to a person in need to help get them working with economical transportation.

If you have too many jerseys in your closet, & cycling accessories or parts in your garage, a collection will also be offered to get them to the Bicycle Tree as a donation.

2015's Feast

Please RSVP your attendance.  Email potluck@bikeirvine.org with guests' names, and what you are bringing to share.
We will update the guest list here:

Mike & Jo Farrell - Chips & Dip
Aaron & Beth Sher - Cheese & Crackers
Maya Ziegler - Tortilla Pinwheels
John & Patty Hoskins - Smoked Salmon
Deby Six - AntiPasto
Bob & Barb Ruris - Shrimp

Beth Verharst - Green salad
Alice Fascella - Salad
Judy & William Quon - Asian Salad
Penny Poorman - Quinoa Salad
Joyce Jack - Spinach Salad
Marc & Melanie Urias - Pesto Pasta Salad

Bill & Dev Sellin - Sweet Potato & Apple Hot Dish
Jane Schrenzel - Scalloped Potatoes
Bob McHenry - Veggie Mexican Quiche
Marsha & Dave Murphy - Sauteed Green Beans Almondine
Kathy Shapiro - Vegetarian Dolmas (stuffed Grape Leaves)

Tommie Kozlov - Tortellini & Chicken
Phil Norton - Sweet & Spicy Turkey Meatballs
Norm & Mary Moyer - Lentil Casserole
Betsy Jackson & Steve Buescher - Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Bob & Sue Farrell - Chili Mac
Joe & Barbara Sideri - Vegetarian Lasagna
Alex Lim - Teriyaki Sausages
Bruce, Karen & Colleen Dickens - Lasagna
Randy & Mary Ann Profeta - Carnitas sandwiches
Bob Fairfield & Monica McCarthy - Ham
Bill Clark & Nancy Lu - Asian dishes
Neal & Candi Hutchinson - Italian Meatballs

Mark Shapiro - Frozen Vanilla Yogurt
Jerri Bennett-Van Houten & Gordon Van Houten - sweet stuff
Jennifer Short - Chocolate  dessert
Leslie Daigle - Pumpkin Pie
Richard Martin - Pie
Marilyn Austin - Fresh Fruit Bowl
Bill & Diane O'Dell - Cherry Cobbler