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Our Annual Summer Barbeque will be held at University Community Park at the gazebo picnic shelter.

There will be 8 am special remote rides begining at University Park with a rest stop at Panera Bread near Bison & MacArthur. All rides for August 20th will depart from University Park. Please do not go to Deerfield.  

Chef Penny,  Line-chef Bill & sous chef Paul grilling at our 2015 BBQ

Chef Penny,  Line-chef Bill & sous chef Paul grilling at our 2015 BBQ

We will begin serving at 11:00 am.

The cost for the BCI BBQ is $5.00. This will include a burger, chips, cookie and drink. Cash only will be collected on site. Please bring a $5 or $10 so we don't have to make change!

Please email an RSVP on or before August 17th with your name(s) and meat choice of [B]eef or [T]urkey to:

You MUST sign-up in advance.  Burgers are purchased by BCI based on reservations. If you reserve a burger, it's yours whether you show or not, and payment will be collected. 

Guest List   [& meat choice]: 
Penny Poorman (chef) [Beef]
Paul (sous chef) & Elise Haussler  [Beef x 2]
Bill (line chef) & Dev Sellin  [1 Beef & 1 Turkey]
Marty Bernstein [B]
Wayne & Nancy Broadhag  [1 Beef & 1 Turkey]
Mike Farrell [B]
Ann Reichling [B]
Bob McHenry [B]
Will Decker [B]
Marc Urias [B]
Monica McCarthy [B]
Bob Fairfield [B]
Christine & Bob Sullivent [B x 2]
Phil Norton [B]
Rich & Linda McCarthy [B x 2]
Richard Shef [B]
Alex Lim [B]
William & Judy Quon [B x 2]
Aaron & Beth Sher [B] & {T}
Jami Josefek [T]
Fran Reynard [T]
Don Tillighast & Ramona Dalton [B x 2]
Kim & Steve Rizzuto [T x 2]
Cathy McCoy [B]
Doug & Melanie Peterson [B x 2]
Kim Gerrard [B]
Maya Ziegler [B]
Ron & Jean Hetherington [B] & [T]
Norm Moyer [B]
Patty & John Hoskins [B x2]
Richard Vallens [T]
Jerri Bennett-Van Houton & Gordon Van Houton [B x 2]
Tom Skelley [B]
Ron Crichton [B]
Dolores Gitlin [B]
Bryan & Bonnie Swartz [T x 2]
Joyce Jack [B]
Allan Pincus [B]
Suzanne McCord [B]
John Croker [B]
Kay Uttley [T]
Mark Shapiro [T]
Mike Brooks [B]
Karen Simon [B]
Jodie & Bob Kinney [B x 2]
Karen Lewis Cook [B]
Joy Jocson [B]
Elliott Bubis [T]
John Lambert [B]
David Marino [B]
Toni Kanan [T]
Bill Childs [B]
Angus Chen [B]
Dino Ching-Hsiang Lin [B]
Steve Buescher [B]
Betsy Jackson [B]
Ed Rubinstein [B]
YuPing [B]
Bruce & Karen Wendel [B x 2]

60 Beef & 15 Turkey burgers... as of midnight 8/17/16 - RSVPs are CLOSED.
We may have some extras - or no-shows for sale if you show up Saturday but if you are not on this list we can not promise you a burger. Thanks to all 75 members who RSVP'd

Fire Good! 

Fire Good!