Renewal Options


  • If current you are already in TidyHQ, simply click the RENEW button below, and LOG IN to your TidyHQ account & pay on-line
    (login with email & your password)

  • If you want to renew into the future (add years) it can be done; Renew as usual & then log back in & renew again - it will extend you another full year. Repeat as far out as you wish...


We would very much like you to renew and sign up on our TidyHQ membership site. With an online membership you can edit your details, state your preferences, allow you to opt in or out of the published roster and control your BCI identity. 

...But if you can't or don't want to sign up online, please download this application, fill it out, put down your original BCI# or a check mark by RENEWAL and mail it with a check for $25 per year (yes - we’ll take $50 for 2 etc) payable to: 

Bicycle Club of Irvine  
Post Office Box 50206
Irvine Ca. 92619-0206
It will take us a bit longer to get the mail, sort your money, enter your renewal and get you renewed,
but we will do it pretty fast...  give us a week or two!

NOTE: If you are a lapsed returning member from 1980 to 2014, you may not yet be in TidyHQ, help us keep your original BCI#: When you sign up - put your old serial BCI number in the BCI# field. If you forgot it, put the word "renewing" there and we will do our best to look up your original BCI#. Just click the RENEW button but Register with a new membership to create a new account & sign up on line with TidyHQ… or send us payment with a form.