Full Moon Adventure Ride


Saturday August 25, 6:00pm, Deerfield Park

Route Slip    Map/Elevation           24 miles / 1,000 feet

Have you always wanted to explore Irvine and Tustin’s dark and dirty side? 
If so, please join us for BCI’s first Full Moon Adventure Ride! 
This ride is intended for gravel, adventure, and intrepid touring bikes.  The 24 mile ride includes 7.6 miles of beginner double-track dirt and gravel roads leading to and going through Peters Canyon and Irvine regional parks, as the sun sets and the full moon comes out.

If time permits, we will also ride 3.7 miles of gravel trail when returning.  32mm+ tires are recommended for this ride.  All trails have paved bike paths adjacent or nearby, if anyone tires of the dirt and gravel.  This is a no-drop ride, but be aware the sag will be riding all the dirt and gravel segments; so if you opt onto the paved trails, you will be on your own to meet up at the next re-group location.

Schedule of events  
(All times after 6:30 are estimated and approximate)

6:00  Arrive at Deerfield Park and unload bikes.
6:15  Sign-in, orientation, and lighting check.
6:30  Roll out of Deerfield Park.
7:15  Arrival at south entrance of Peters Canyon Regional Park.
7:17  Moonrise!
7:25  Sunset.
7:45  End of dirt and gravel  section, inside Irvine Regional Park.
8:15  Rest stop at Taco Bell.
8:45  Return toward Deerfield.
9:30  Arrive back at Deerfield Park.

You must have a front headlight and rear taillight to participate in this ride.  (See CVC 21201 for MINIMUM legal requirement)
A helmet light also is a good idea. 
Reflective ankle bands are inexpensive and VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 
Please be sure your lights have a setting which provides adequate illumination for 2½-3 hours, or bring extra batteries.  Questions about this ride:  email Bob McHenry

Here are some photos of the trails we'll ride
      - nothing too technical but dirt sand & gravel !