Mike Farrell            
BCI# 1259               

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Vice President
Laura Brown
BCI# 4909


Bob McHenry
BCI# 4345


Randy Profeta
BCI# 4201


Jane Schrenzel
BCI# 3815



Director at Large
Alex Lim
BCI#  4515

Ride Coordinator
Jim Norman
BCI# 4652


Steve Buescher
BCI# 3395


Bill Sellin
BCI# 2


Deby Six
BCI# 4398



Director at Large
Monica McCarthy
BCI# 2792  

The Board operates the club in compliance with the ByLaws
BCI Members volunteer to serve one year terms as officers - and elections are held each January to appoint the 9 officers for the calendar year. The elected officers select the two Directors at Large. 

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