Click the button below to launch a password protected page where you can download a pdf of the most recent club roster, you will need the current ROSTER password to proceed.  The ROSTER password is updated from time to time and emailed to current members in the BCI News Alert.

By clicking the link, you agree that you will not use this roster information for any commercial purpose.  You may not solicit other BCI members.  All member information is confidential and for the personal use of members only. 

We will OMIT from the list those members who OPT OUT;  If you do not want to be listed in the roster, be sure you REGISTER in TidyHQ to edit your profile. If you have already registered, you can edit your PROFILE and OPT OUT from the roster. When you OPT OUT you will be omitted from future posted rosters, when they are refreshed.
If  you want faster removal, contact and we will try to post a fresh roster (without you) as soon as possible.