The BCI Board meets and takes action to manage the business of the club recording actions in minutes - When business is conducted by the Members at Annual Meetings and at General Meetings if any business is agendized, those decisions are also recorded.

This is a repository of recent Meeting Minutes:

2019     Jan-3     Jan-19 (Annual Meeting) Jan-24 Feb-28 Mar-28 Apr-25 May-23 Jun-27

2018     Jan-20 (Annual Meeting)     Jan-24     Feb-22     Mar-22     Apr-26     May-24     Jun-28     Jul-26     Aug-23 Sep-27 Oct-25 Nov-29

2017     Jan-21 (Annual Meeting)     Jan-25     Feb-8 (Special Board)     Feb-23     Mar-24     Apr-27     May-25     Jun-22     Jul-27     Aug-24     Sep-28     Oct-26     Nov-16     Dec-21

2016     Jan-9     Jan-23 (Annual Mtg)     Feb-25     Mar-24     Apr-28     May-26     Jun-23     Jul-9 (Special Board)     Jul-28     Aug-25     Sep-22     Oct-26     Nov-17     Dec-22

2015     Jan-24 (Annual Mtg)     Apr-25     Jun-3     Jul-1     Aug-19     Dec-12

2014     Feb-20     Mar-20     Ap17     May-15     Jul-17     Se-18     Oct-16     Nov-20    

2013     Feb-27     Mar-27     Apr-24     Jun-15     Aug-28     Oct-30     Nov-16

2012     Jan-7     Feb-4     Feb-29     Mar-28     Apr-25     May-30     Jun-27     Jul-25     Sep-26     Nov-28

2011     January     February     March     April     May     June     July     September     October     November

2010     January     February     March     April     May     June-12     June-26     August     October     December

2009     January     March     April     May     July     August     September     October     November     December