BCI in collaboration with OCW will be inviting riders and other OC cycling groups to join in on another special ride.

Staggered starts with 3 ride options:
17 miles at 9:00,
30 miles at 8:30,
42 miles at 8:00, 

52 miles at 7:30

A Subway® Turkey Sandwich Box Lunch will be free for OCW and BCI members who pre-register. This is a MEMBER APPRECIATION EVENT, but you must sign up on the BCI website and be a current member of BCI. OCW members can sign up at the OCW site: see http://tinyurl.com/z85a92v 
All others, lunch will be $6.00. Pre-register for lunch –
or send $6.00 to
The Bicycle Club of Irvine, P. O. Box 50845, Irvine, CA. 92619-0845. 

Arrive early to sign in and pick up route slip before ride starts.
Limited tables, so plan for a picnic on the lawn; bring a chair or picnic blanket to sit on. Wear your club jersey / team kit.
Please be courteous & quiet on early arrival not to wake up or disturb neighbors when you park & unload on the perimeter streets around the Park

 Signed up with BCI for lunch as of 7/7/2016:

BCI Members:
Yu Ping Adalist  
Jun Alfonso  
Julio Andrade
Marilyn Austin  
Alex Barrios
Jonathon Bloomfield
Nancy Broadhag ^ 2 of 2 w/Wayne
Michael Brooks
Usheng Chia  
Graham Collins
Mike Collins
Will Decker
Bill DeHart  
Kenny Do
Mike Farrell
Alice Fascella
Cathi Field
Lois Garland
Ann Gayton
Elliot Gordon
Elise Haussler  
Paul Haussler  
Ron Hetherington  
Jean Hetherington (shares email - can't register without separate email)
John Hoskins  
Patty Hoskins  
Joyce Jack
Kati Jones (Tried but could not register) 
Tommie Kozlov
John Lambert
Rick Levine
Karen Kelly  [VEGETARIAN]
Rick Levin  
Karen Lewis Cook  
Alex Lim
Ernie Louie
James K. Luparello
Paul Magno
David Marino  
Richard Martin
Sandy Martin
Scott Martin  
Suzanne McCord
Cathy McCoy  
Norm Moyer
Jan Murphy
Robert Murphy
Jim Norman
Phil Norton (Tried but could not register) 
Laurie Ostrow  
Doug Peterson
Penny Poorman
Judy Quon  
William Quon
Ann Reichling  
Ed Rubinstein  
Mark Shapiro
Kathy Shapiro [VEGETARIAN]  (Tried but could not register) 
Richard Sheff  
Aaron Sher  
Beth Sher  
Jennifer Short  
Karen Simon
Deb Six (Tried but could not register) 
Matt Sklar
Jim Sweeney
Mary Uffelman  
Richard Vallens
Gordon VanHouten **1 of 2  
Jerri VanHouton **2 of 2 w/Gordon
David Welker
Vincent Wilhelm  

OCW Members: ( more OCW members signed up here )
Joe Bernhardt  
Wayne Broadhag ^ 1 of 2
DeeAnne Doseman  
Rhonda Earick
Michael Field  
Mark Lien
Steve Mulligan
Gloria Nafel
Randy Profeta  

Non Member / Cash Will Call: (Please bring exact change!)
Eliuth Alberto     One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Francisco Diaz     One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Alex Lim's guest Cheryl Wiese-Lim One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Suzanne McCord's guest     One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Tue Nguyen    One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Ali Nikkhah   One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Mark Shapiro's guest Diana   One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)
Matt Sklar's guest One lunch - other ($6 will be collected at lunch)