If you sometimes arrange your own group rides or would like to, consider making them "official" BCI Rides.  Any club member in good standing can do this. Here are some reasons to do so:

1.       Advantages to the organizer:

  • You will be covered by BCI’s $1 million general liability insurance.
  • Your ride will be added to BCI’s calendar and Special & Remote Rides pages.
  • You may use any route slips in BCI’s extensive library.

2.       Advantages to your riders:

  • BCI member riders will be covered by BCI’s $25,000 supplemental accident medical insurance in case of injury.
  • Riders will get a route slip.
  • Your friends can learn about BCI.

3.       Advantages to BCI:

  • BCI builds its route slip library if you create new routes.
  • Encourages your friends to join BCI.

You may do this for both local and remote rides. The requirements to have your ride sanctioned by BCI are simple:

  1. Send an email to ridecoord@bikeirvine.org with the date, time and location of your ride.  If you are creating your own route, submit a route slip.  If you are using an existing BCI route slip, tell us which route it is – e.g. “SAT04”.  Do this at least 2 weeks (preferably 4 weeks) before the ride.  You may use this Excel template to make your route slip or you may use a mapping site such as RidewithGPS.com.  The BCI ride coordinator can help you create a route slip in BCI format. 
  2. Have everyone sign in before you start the ride, using the appropriate Member or Guest sign-in sheets.
  3. Return the completed sign-in sheets to BCI's Statistician (you may scan/email these).

BCI will put your ride on our website and calendar with a link to the route slip or mapping url.

Not required, but if you’d like, send a post-ride write-up (with pictures please!) to our Communications Coordinator for the Pacelines newsletter.