Q: I am visiting Orange County, can I ride with BCI when I am in town? or
Q: I am interested & want to try the group before I join. May I ride as a guest?
A: Absolutely, we love to have guests join us!  We ask that you sign in on our guest sheet with typical liability waiver language.  Our Friday, Saturday and Sunday rides leave from Deerfield Community Park in Irvine.  If you drive to the park, we ask that you park on either Deerwood, Foxhill or Blazing Star (on the sides adjacent to the park, not in front of the neighbors' homes). Our Tuesday rides leave University Community Park. Please park on the Beech Tree street leaving the lot for park users. 

Q: Where can I get a rental bike while in town?
A:  Check with our bike shop sponsors, many of them have bikes to rent.  Be sure to mention BCI !

Q: Can I ride my eBike with the club?  
A: We don't have a formal eBike policy at this time.  We have some concerns.  For example, some of our routes use class 1 bikeways that prohibit Class 3 28mph eBikes. Also the law requires all eBike riders to be over 16 & to wear an approved helmet if under 18 & over 18 if riding a class 3 28mph eBike.  Some eBike riders may not have the experience to handle their bikes very well at speed and in close proximity to other riders.  
It is important  to understand that the rules of the road for a bicyclist also apply to eBike riders.  We recommend taking a Cycling Savvy or League of American Bicyclists course on traffic & handling skills for anyone cycling in traffic. eBike riders, including adults, are legally required to wear helmets. BCI is a non-racing recreational club, so eBikers are also discouraged from bragging about how fast they got up a hill. As we have more people enjoying eBikes in Orange County, we expect to have more members who will enjoy riding with us.

Q: I am new rider, can I ride with BCI?
A:  YES!  Come out and carefully learn by riding with experienced members - Check out our Intro Page for information about our upcoming Newbie Rides.

Q:  What sort of bike do I need?
A:  BCI members mostly ride road bikes, but we have members with mountain bikes, cross bikes and hybrid bikes.  For the Newbie Ride, most any bike is fine as long as it is in safe working order - make sure the tires will hold air are properly inflated, the brakes work effectively and the pedals and gears are working properly.  If your bike needs a tune up, visit one of our bike shop sponsors, they will make sure your bike is safe.

Q: Do I have to wear a Club Jersey:
A: NO. Club Jerseys - or any jerseys are not required - just an option for members to show their colors!

Q: I am a 'lapsed' BCI member & want to renew. Can I get my old BCI# again?
A: Yes: When you sign up, PLEASE include your old BCI# or say you are renewing and we can look up your old number. If you have joined or renewed since January 2016 your BCI# is already established in our TidyHQ data when you renew your dues. If we issued you a new BCI#, let us know & we can get your old one back for you...