The BCI Board of Directors highly recommends that every member complete a bicycle safety and traffic skills class and become part of our Circle of Safety.

We encourage all Circle of Safety members to wear their wristbands on club rides, remember to use their traffic skills at all times and set a good example for others. 
We appreciate the time and effort BCI members have put in to become safer and more responsible bicycle riders. Circle of Safety members are listed below. Look for them next time you ride.

Safety Classes

Learn the rules of the road related to operating a bicycle on streets, roads, and paths in California. Learn about proper lane positioning, negotiating intersections and turn lanes, integrating your bicycle in the traffic flow, hazard and crash avoidance, and more. It will change the way you ride and lessen your odds of becoming a traffic statistic. These are the classes:

American Bicycling Education Association CYCLING SAVVY 3-part course

The Truth and Techniques of Traffic Cycling -- 3 hours (evening classroom) 
Train Your Bike -- 3 hours -- weekend morning on-bike skills
Tour of the City -- 3.5 hours -- weekend afternoon practice ride 

More information at
and classes offered locally by the Orange County Bicycle Coalition

League of American Bicyclists SMART CYCLING

Classroom --  4 hours -- weekday evening
On the bike -- 6 hours -- weekend morning/afternoon

More information at 

Club Classes

If we can get 10 or more of our members together on the same weekend, we can get an instructor and schedule our own class.

Skills Reward Program

GOLD Circle of Safety Members

Randy Profeta
Bill Sellin
Dev Sellin
Marc Urias

Karen Lewis Cook
Mark Lien
Monica McCarthy
Bob McHenry

Qualify by attending and completing a second bicycle safety skills class, at the member’s expense (such as CyclingSavvy’s 3-part Course or the League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling class, or other class as approved by the BCI Board of Directors).

  • Receive a gift card from the club for a Road ID, and your name added to the “Gold Circle of Safety” registry above.


Marilyn Austin
Lisa Bastian
Marty Bernstein
Wayne Broadhag
Elliott Bubis
Michele Burns
Kristina Carpenter
Wayne Carpenter
Debbie Cetin
Judy Chapel
Bill Clark
Mary Corrough
Debra Coven
Margaret DAgostino
Ramona Dalton
Bruce Darby
Carol Davidson
Bob Davidson
Jamie Joy De Meta
Susan Duncan
Eric Eltinge
Bob Fairfield
Kathleen Fay
Derek Fowler
Trisha Gillis
Will Gray, Ph.D.
Becky Guess
Marlene Hirsch
John Hoskins
Patty Hoskins
Joyce Jack
Kati Jones
Bruce Kettner
Naishadha Konda
Tommie Kozlov

Rhonda Larson
Alex Lim
Rich McCarthy
Linda McCarthy
Cathy McCoy
Clinton McDonald
Patricia Miller
Jing Montemayor
Norm Moyer
Gloria Neal
Jim Norman
Larry Oden
Cyndi Oden
Doug Peterson
Melanie Peterson
Diane Prendergast
Ann Reichling
Peter Reitan
Steven Rizzuto
Kim Rizzuto
Jodie Roe
Kathy Shapiro
Aaron Sher
Beth Sher
Jennifer Short
Deby Six
Joe Sortais
Harry Taw
Gary Thomsen
Donald Tillinghast
Tim Truong
Richard Vallens
Mike Weber
Charlie Zevon   

Qualify by attending and completing a CyclingSavvy 3-part Course or a League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling class, at the member’s expense.

  • Receive a free BCI “Silver Circle of Safety” wristband, and your name added to the “Silver Circle of Safety” registry above.