Unfortunately the powers-that-be who are developing former MCAS El Toro have closed the old Perimeter Road to bicycles.  This road runs along the south and east sides of the base.  This eliminates the connection from Marine Way to Astor and Fairbanks in the East Irvine Industrial Complex.

Riders can still enter the area on Marine Way off Sand Canyon, but will have to turn left up either Ridge Valley or Sky Hawk/Bosque to Irvine Blvd.  Bummer, especially for those of us who live in Lake Forest!

Photo by Jim Norman 11-4-17

Photo by Jim Norman 11-4-17

Bay View Trail Closed Thru 9/15/17

10/1/17 update - the Trail is open again

OC Public Works will begin repairs on the Bay View Bridge at Upper Newport Bay located within the City of Newport Beach. Portions of the Brown/Bay View trail will be temporarily closed from July 31 to Sept. 15, 2017 for construction activities. 

This is the trail that crosses the back bay between Jamboree and Irvine Ave.   You can detour along Mesa Dr. just to the north.  Here is a map of the detour.


Santa Ana River Trail - Homeless Situation

Due to our winter rains and a construction project, homeless persons camping in the riverbed and along the east side of the river in the Orange/Anaheim area have moved alongside (and in come cases into) the bike trail.

The area most impacted is between the 5 freeway and Katella, along Anaheim Stadium.  In online forums cyclists are reporting confrontations with the homeless in this area.  You may want to consider alternate routes. 

Construction near Santiago Canyon Road/Jamboree/241

Irvine Ranch Water District is converting the northern segment of its Irvine Lake Pipeline to recycled water. During the months of December and January, contractor trucks will be utilizing E. Santiago Canyon Road near Jamboree and the 241 Toll Road to transport dirt and materials. Traffic delays may be possible on Santiago Canyon Road during peak traffic hours. For more information, please visit http://www.irwd.com/construction/ilp-con...

Red Hill Ave. - Bridge over 405 closed to all traffic.

Red Hill is closed to all traffic over the 405 for repairs to the bridge and surrounding structure.  Bikes cannot get through.   Current information from the cities say that it will be closed through December 2016 with off-and-on closures into 2017.  

Because this is between the 55 freeway and John Wayne Airport there are no good bike-friendly detours nearby.  Your best bet is to modify your route to go east of the airport using Irvine Avenue/Campus and Von Karman.

Santa Ana River Bikeway Detour

There is a detour in effect for the SART about midway between Weir Canyon Road and Gypsum Canyon Road. Riders will need to exit the trail and ride along La Palma in this area. This detour is expected to be in place until December 2017. This sign will be installed by the Army Corps of Engineer’s contractor at entrances to the detour:

The good news is the trail between Lakeview and Tustin is now open, it is no longer necessary to detour on Riverdale. 

Jim Norman

San Diego Creek Trail bikeway at Spectrum

The San Diego Creek Trail extends from the Upper Newport Bay upstream to the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. Up stream from going under the 133 Laguna Freeway, the route crosses the creek on a side path of the Spectrum road bridge, then continues along the creek under the 405 Freeway.  This bridge has been closed to traffic and cyclist usually crossed in the road, but now is full of parked and moving construction vehicles so share the road.  The side path - the wide side walk intended for trail users - has a temporary water pipe right across the path from the fire hydrant. This is a temporary supply but services the water fro the new construction yard at the end of Spectrum road... but may be a trip hazard for a long time. Also there are no painted crosswalks so watch out for traffic now when continuing on the trail across Spectrum, or crossing the road to use the connector to Pacifica.      

Bill Sellin


Alton from Technology to Barranca in East Irvine

Alton has been narrowed in both directions during construction between to Barranca / Muirlands and Technology. There is a speed reduction, but the bike lane has been narrowed, contained within concrete barriers and the pavement is pretty rough; and as the travel lanes are wearing down, gravel & such is spreading into the bike lanes. Watch for vehicles turning right across your path of travel where the bike lane ends at Muirlands.

Bill Sellin  


RE: Irvine Boulevard Construction

South of Modjeska to Allred, one lane in each direction due to construction. There is a reasonable shoulder/bike lane and the speed limit's been reduced, so it is not too bad.   Occasionally during the week the bike lane is closed for construction equipment working along the side of the road.  There is more road debris than normal due to construction activity.