2017 Guest List:
1: Have a room booked right?  
   (Group Sales (800) 544-4866 before 5/17)

2: Registered with USMC right?
3: Current Member of BCI right?
4: Paid Feg Fee right?  
     ($25 tour, $15 just dinner)

Ramona & Don Tillinghast

Bill & Dev Sellin
Karen Wendel

Tour details:

We will meet at the train station in Irvine @8, Park inside the parking garage for shade. (Look for us outside at the rental truck) Ramona has agreed to handle renting the truck again this year and will be our 'teamster'; & Load gear on a the truck, sign in, get helmet ribbons & leave together at 8:30 for the ride to Carlsbad. If the ride is a bit far, you can hop on a southbound Metrolink 857 at 8:42 with your bike & skip the first bits - starting the ride at Mission Viejo or San Juan Capistrano or San Clemente - or even Oceanside; The Metrolink train is an easy way to travel with your bike & cheap; (1/2 priced for 65+ senior rate!)
The OC Line (600's) and IE-OC Line (800's) both roll along close to our route from Irvine to Oceanside. 
Check in with the tour & load your bags on the truck, and wave us off at 8:30; then buy a ticket & catch the next south bound train at 8:42. 
Get off and start riding at Laguna Niguel to skip the first 9 miles.  ($4.50 / $2.25)
Start riding at San Juan Capistrano to skip the first 13.  ($6 / $3)
Get off at North San Clemente to skip the first 20 miles.  ($7.50 / $3.75)
Stay on all the way to Oceanside to skip the first 46 miles... ($10 day pass / $5.50) and ride through Oceanside to Carlsbad with VERY fresh legs! 
You could also ride the first 20 miles & train from San Clemente to Oceanside...  skipping Camp Pendleton & still get to lunch in Oceanside or Carlsbad before the rest of the tourists arrive!
Train Schedule at http://sellin.com/solstice/XXVII/SS27Trains.pdf

Saturday the truck will be ready to receive your gear when you check in after 8am. It will be waiting, locked, at the Motel6 for you to unload when you arrive. Bring what you need but be reasonable! Everyone will be moving bags to find their own, so a few small duffels (labeled) are better than a big one.  DO bring a folding chair for dinner or be ready to sit on the ground for dinner. You don't need an ice chest: you can visit the Ralph's market 2 blocks away for snacks or beverages.

SATURDAY EVENING we have a nice sunny lawn on the edge of the pool for our social time @ 4:30 and dinner @6   When you roll in, check in, enjoy the pool or take a nap, then join the group at 4:30 PM for some Cosmic WimpOut, social time and dinner delivery on Saturday evening. If we can't eat on the lawn by the pool area (rules change) we will hang out on the lawn by the parking lot.  For those with dietary concerns, we will have Pizza's delivered (veggie & meat) and salad and fruit and sodas - There is a market 2 blocks east if you need to find extra/other food or BYO beer/wine... or want to grab some snacks to share during the social hour...
After dinner we usually take a short walk to the beach to watch the sunset @ 8:00 then head back to Motel6 to sleep...

SUNDAY the truck will LOAD from 7 to 8, Ramona will get it to Irvine by NOON & your gear will be waiting for you until A): the last rider picks up their stuff at the earliest, or B): latest until 3:50 PM after the 858 train rolls in... Anything still there will be taken home by Bill & he will hold it until a later time; so Label with name & DON'T pack your car keys in it! 

History & Past Route Sheets posted at sellin.com/solstice/
Questions? Concerns? Call Bill @ (714) 943-3678 or email Bill@BikeIrvine.org