You are welcome!

Come ride with us. We have rides scheduled every week and guests are welcome to sign a waiver & join the fun.  

New to Riding?

We encourage legal road use, so we expect all riders to be safe, predictable and follow the California Vehicle Code. This includes obeying the rules of the road, signals and signs, passing only on the left,  signalling and merging safely with other traffic, obeying street marking (like not going straight from a right turn only lane). Defensive visible cycling makes sharing the road better for all road users.  If you ride like a racer, scofflaw, or loose animal, this is not the club for you.  Even if you have ridden for years, we strongly support you taking a course in traffic cycling like the CyclingSavvy or League's Smart Cycling courses. 

Our Newbie Rides are an introduction to BCI for new riders, riders interested in learning to be better cyclists, and riders who may have little experience riding in a group. We will do a modified version of the scheduled Saturday "Short" ride (see Saturday Rides on the Calendar), adding as much off-street bikeways as possible... It's a “no drop” ride. “No drop" means that we will periodically stop and regroup all riders back together so no one is left behind. Your speed is our speed. Planned for occasional Saturdays quarterly. Check the Calendar of Events for the upcoming dates.