Elections are held each year for the 9 officers of the BCI

Step 1 - The president appoints a nominating committee.  √ September 8th  President Mike Farrell Announced that he, Beth Sherr, Ann Gayton & Jennifer Short are the 4 person Nominating Committee.

Step 2 - The Nominating Committee gathers names of volunteers for each of the positions. In a 'fruitful' year there may be multiple members willing to run for several of the 9 offices.  In other years, the Nominating Committee may have to 'shake the trees' a bit to get one volunteer for each office.  Completed; volunteer nominee's names were collected through December 21st... 

Step 3 - Volunteers are encouraged to submit a statement presenting their qualifications by December 1st - and names could still be added until December 21st. √ Listed the collected names of our nominees... 
The Nominating Committee's slate of nominees
for our 9 elected officers for 2017  (CLOSED December 21st)

President: Mike Farrell (incumbent) 
Vice President: Maya Ziegler
Ride Coordinator: Jim Norman
Membership Director: Deby Six
Hospitality Director: Jane Schrenzel
Secretary:  Bob McHenry (incumbent)
Treasurer: Steve Buescher
Statistician: Marc Urias (incumbent)
Communications Director:  Bill Sellin (incumbent)

Step 4 -  A Ballot was to be published by December 31st with the final list of candidates - and with absentee mail in voting instructions for those who can't attend the Annual Meeting. √ Ballot was published HERE on Dec 23rd

Step 5 - IF REQUIRED - Voting by "mail in" will be open until the Annual Meeting.  They must be received or hand delivered to be counted with the rest of the ballots cast in person at the Annual Meeting on January 21st. 

Step 6 - The Nominating Committee will count all ballots (if required) at the Annual Meeting and declare the new officers for 2017.  As there are were competing races, the Membership voted by voice acclamation at the Annual Meeting on January 21st, 2017.  

Step 7 - The 9 elected Officers will select 2 additional members to serve on the Board as Directors at Large. If interested in serving as an Director at Large please let the new Officers-elect know before or attend their meeting on January 25th when the appointments will be considered.

SECTION 1: Nominations
    a. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least sixty (60) days prior to the January meeting. The committee shall consist of no less than three (3) Active Members, at least one of whom shall be an officer. The Nominating Committee shall submit the slate of nominees of Active Members to be posted or announced by whatever communication methods the club uses.
   b. Nomination from the membership shall be accepted until December 21st .
   c. Candidates are encouraged to present their qualifications in a statement published with their names posted or announced by whatever communication methods the club uses, by December 1st .
   d. Nominees must have attained legal majority and be an Active Member. Nominees are eligible to hold office regardless of their tenure as an Active Member. 
SECTION 2: Ballots
   a. Ballots: each voting member is entitled to one vote, either by mail or in person at the January meeting. A copy of the ballot will be posted or announced by whatever communication methods the club uses, by December 31st .
   b. Absentee Ballots: all absentee ballots must be received prior to the annual meeting.
   c. Voters names are crossed off the voting membership roster as ballots are collected and/or received.
   d. The results will be tabulated by the Nominating Committee and announced by the end of the January meeting. The newly elected officers will then be duly installed.
SECTION 3: Term of Office
The officers are elected for an annual term.
The term of office shall be from the election in January until the following year’s election.
SECTION 4: Succession of Officers
In the event of an officer's death, resignation, disability, or disqualification, other than the President's, the Board of Directors shall appoint a successor.
The President shall be automatically succeeded by the Vice-President.