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Our Summer Barbecue will be held at Bill Barber Community Park because Los Olivos Community Park is too small for our crowd! We had to scramble & make a reservation at Bill Barber Park to handle our party!

Chef Penny, Line-chef Bill & sous chef Paul grilling at our 2015 BBQ will be grill masters again this year

Chef Penny, Line-chef Bill & sous chef Paul grilling at our 2015 BBQ will be grill masters again this year

The fire will be ready & we will begin serving at 11ish. Burgers are optional and we are limited by the City to 75 people in our picnic shelter, but there is lots of shade to spread out in… bring a blanket or lawn chairs if you wish.
If you don’t get ‘in’ on our burgers, you of course you can bring your own picnic & enjoy the fun gathering.

The BCI BBQ will include a burger, chips, cookie and drink.


TICKETS: No fancy TidyHQ / PayPal stuff, just email in your order & we will cook it on good faith !
Please email an RSVP on or before August 21st with your name(s) and meat choice of [B]eef or [T]urkey to:  BBQ@bikeirvine.org (If you are using Yahoo, AOL, Google, or Messenger as a portal - this “mailto:” link won’t work - just email in your order “B” or “T” & how many!)
You MUST order in advance by August 21st.  Burger supplies will be purchased by BCI based on orders. If you reserve a burger, it's yours whether you show or not, and reimbursement will be appreciated… 


We may have some extras if we don’t burn or drop too many through the grill - or those of no-shows - if you show up Saturday - but if you are not on this list we can not promise you a burger.
Thanks to all who RSVP'd below !

Map from Deerfield Park to Bill Barber Park (not to scale)

21 of 21 Turkey:

Wayne & Nancy Broadhag
Debra Coven
Will Decker
Katja Harwat
Mike Heitzenrader
Jean Hetherington
Candi Hutchinson
Tommie Kozlov
Jaspar Lasala
Mike Lenz
Secretary Bob McHenry
Jean Savage
Dev Sellin
Mark Shapiro
Beth Sher
Membership Director Deby Six
Jenny Short
D@Lrg Ed Trainor
Mary Uffelman
Richard Vallens

Orders PAID:
66 Beef:
Yu Ping Adalist
Claudia de Avila
Joe Bellas
Lynne Billie
Dennis Boelts
Tresurer Steve Buescher
Bill Cardillo
Angus Chen
Eric Choi
Bill Clark
Steve Devore
Bruce Dicksen
Alice Fascella
Mike Farrell
Elise Haussler
D@Lrg Paul Haussler (sous chef)
Ron Hetherington
Bernie Hidalgo
Jim Hooper
John & Patty Hoskins
Neal Hutchinson
Joyce Jack
Betsy Jackson
Jodie & Bob Kinney
Frank Liger
Dino Lim
Ed & Pierson Lumaya
David Marino
Paul Maull
Rich & Linda McCarthy
Norm Moyer
Vice President Dave & Marsha Murphy
Jim Norman
Phil Norton
Tom Patterson
Doug & Melanie Peterson
Allan & Kim Pincus
Candace Ploskina
Penny Poorman (chef)
William & Judy Quon
Ed Rubinstein
Ann Reichling
Pam Rush
Sally Salmon
Hospitality Director Jane Schrenzel
Communications Bill Sellin
Richard Sheff
Aaron Sher
Karen Simon
Jane Templeton
Gordon & Jerri Van Houten
Frank Vose
David Welker
Ride Coordinator Vince Wilhelm
Maya Ziegler
Paul Ziegler

TOTAL: 66 Beef & 21 Turkey ...  
Please RSVP by the 21st if you want a burger (or to cancel) !
Thanks to all members who have RSVP'd.

We are NOT ALLOWED to ask for a donation or reimbursement for the burgers on City Property - so we will not be collecting on the 24th. We may have some extras - or no-shows if you show up Saturday - but if you are not on this list, we can not promise you a burger. NO CASH may be collected on site. Please expect to settle up with Bill at some other date or location off site. (suggested donation of $6) Expect him to have his hand out when ever you see him !