Board Completed (almost!)

The Board Officers met on January 28th & have filled the vacant director positions; We now have a full board of 11 directors working to lead BCI into 2016 & beyond!  
(well... 10 of 11*)

Congratulations and Thank You to the volunteers who have joined the leadership team.

You can see the board now HERE

(*Update 2/25: Suzanne McCord was appointed to the vacant Director of Hospitality. The 2016 Board is now complete.) 

(*Update 1/30: Jenny Short was not present to agree & was appointed against her wishes, so we do still have no Director of Hospitality... Beth Sher, our 2015 Director of Hospitality will make sure we have refreshments at the February General Meeting, and the Board will appoint a volunteer at their February 25th meeting. If interested in serving, providing snacks & beverages at the General Meetings,  and providing hospitality to help us continue to be our friendly best, contact a board member!)