Man Found Dead Near San Diego Creek Trail and Los Olivos Apartments

The body of a 51 year old man, apparently a cyclist, was found dead and is being investigated as a homicide.  Not a lot more information is currently available and as of this writing apparently no arrests have been made.  The body, with a bicycle nearby, was found alongside the 405 where the trail parallels the freeway behind the Los Olivos Apartments.

Irvine Police have not issued any sort of advisory, we've reached out to them for comment.   Please be careful and maintain awareness of your surroundings as you ride.

From the OC Register:  Irvine man's death on bike path is investigated as a homicide.

UPDATE at 5:30 pm.  I spoke with Irvine PD.  While they cannot release any details due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, they do have reason to believe that this was an isolated incident.  If they felt otherwise they would be cautioning people about using the San Diego Creek trail.  IPD does recommend that riders remain observant and use ordinary cautions.  Also, they ask that if any riders saw anything in the area to please contact them to share that information.

UPDATE: 1/26 : IPD posted info that a 'person of interest' was arrested and may be a suspect - was not a random assault. Facebook