Incident Reporting -

You may have noticed this at the bottom of recent route slips, BCI asks that if you are involved in a mishap, or you see one occur, that you email a report about it to  Why?  Because this is required by the insurance policies that BCI carries, both for general liability and to provide supplemental medical coverage to our members.

What constitutes a mishap?  If a rider goes down, if riders collide, if there is any contact with another vehicle, all of these should be reported to the board.  Better to make the report than not.  It is OK if we receive more than one report.

What to report?  What you know.  Who was involved, what happened, when, road and weather conditions, whether or not police or paramedics responded, etc. 

Promptly reporting incidents allows board members to gather the information needed to report to the insurance company and helps us to quickly get claims forms out to anyone injured.