Dear Fellow Members,

This will be my final communication as your President. After three years, I’ve decided I’m ready to step down. At age 77, and one of the club elders, I plan on just relaxing and enjoying riding as often as possible. 

I joined BCI in 1989, so its been 30 years that I’ve been riding with and enjoyed being a part of our club. There are so many memories I have of different rides and events, so many members who have moved on or passed on. BCI has been a constant in my life through many changes and difficulties.  Just about all my best friends have been BCI members and we have shared many rides and experiences together during those years. It’s been a helluva ride, and as I contemplate the coming years I look forward to many more rides and events with our club which will enable me to stay forever young. There are certainly a good number of elder club members ahead of me whom I can emulate in that regard

Along with me, three other members will be stepping down from the BCI board. Laura Brown, my Vice President, Jim Norman, Ride Coordinator, and Randy Profeta, Statistian. Thanks also to Alex Lim, Monica McCarthy, and Desiree Mathos, who served as Directors at Large in 2018. They have all been major contributors to our club and my thanks go to all of them for all their efforts on our behalf. Those remaining on the board are Bob McHenry, Secretary; Steve Buescher, Treasurer; Deby Six, Membership; Jane Schreznel, Hospitality; and Bill Sellin, Communications. Working with you all has been an honor, and has made my job as President an easy and enjoyable task.

Our new replacements have been nominated and will be elected at our Annual Meeting on January 19th. They are, Marc Urias, President, Dave Murphy, Vice president, Vince Wilhelm, Ride Coordinator, and Lindsay O’Neill, Statistician. Welcome to you all.

And to all BCI members, I wish you safe and enjoyable riding throughout the coming year and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our annual meeting and dinner coming up on the 19th. If you haven’t signed up yet I hope you do so this week. See you then.

Mike Farrell