Holiday Jingles !

At our December General Membership meeting we were treated to home made holiday cookies (thanks Hospitality Director Jane Schrenzel!) and a very lovely sing along accompanied by President Mike Farrell on accordion and led by lyricist and conductor - Vice President Laura Brown. The sing-a-long was a lot of fun and here we share with you the special lyrics Laura penned, with a wish of a very happy holiday season and wonderful new year!

Xmas Cycling Lyrics Oh What Fun.png
Xmas Cycling Lyrics Sweet Dreams.png

It was a chance to give some Naughty & Nice Kudos / digs to each other - as well as share some resolutions to strive for in 2019. We also got to introduce 3 of the 4 new officers-elect who volunteered to join the Board next year ( Marc Urias, Dave Murphy & Lindsay O’Neill were there; Vince Wilhelm was absent) - and it was another chance to to give our thanks to outgoing President Mike, Vice President Laura and Ride Coordinator Jim Norman (we missed Statistician Randy Proffeta) It was a great addition to our holiday season!