San Diego Creek Trail bikeway at Spectrum

The San Diego Creek Trail extends from the Upper Newport Bay upstream to the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. Up stream from going under the 133 Laguna Freeway, the route crosses the creek on a side path of the Spectrum road bridge, then continues along the creek under the 405 Freeway.  This bridge has been closed to traffic and cyclist usually crossed in the road, but now is full of parked and moving construction vehicles so share the road.  The side path - the wide side walk intended for trail users - has a temporary water pipe right across the path from the fire hydrant. This is a temporary supply but services the water fro the new construction yard at the end of Spectrum road... but may be a trip hazard for a long time. Also there are no painted crosswalks so watch out for traffic now when continuing on the trail across Spectrum, or crossing the road to use the connector to Pacifica.      

Bill Sellin