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#12 Orchard Park


Ride Start: University Park 
Please park on streets & leave the parking lots for others.
The group start is at 9:15, but riders who have to fight freeway traffic to get to Irvine will still find the sign in sheets and cue slips available after the 'pack' has gone.
Each ride has a coffee stop regroup.
Many enjoy lunch together after the ride at the nearby center at Culver & Michelson.

30.7 or 25.8* miles to Peet's @ Orchard Park@ Portola & Culver
Route cue slip TUES 12  (revised 12/18/18)
Map / Profile
Map / Profile Short Cut(Skips Tustin Ranch / Von Karman to Campus) 


Mile 27.7 on the full route: The last few time we rode #12 the construction on University impacted the FULL route at Campus & University. The plan is to take Campus east toward UCI and then go up stream on the San Diego Creek bike path; To get there, the route calls for a Right onto University and then a right on the connector to take the path back under Campus upstream… In December the connector was gone, and the construction made it hard to get to the path. The detour is to skip the path & turn LEFT on University instead of RIGHT, then turn Left on Harvard, then Right on Michelson back to the route slip at mile 29.1  (Assuming the road work construction has not been completed by July 2019 ! If the connector has been replaced or even, we hope, improved to the SW corner of Campus & University, the route will work as published.)

Earlier Event: July 7
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