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NewB Ride

Our “NewB” rides are geared for new riders, riders with some experience, and riders who have never ridden in a club atmosphere. We will do a modified version of the scheduled Saturday short ride, (check for Saturday Ride schedule) adding as much off-street bike path as available...

We start with a quick instructional class where we discuss safety, equipment, driving your bike like an adult, riding in a group, safety checking your bike before rides, and review rules of the road. We will see how the regular Saturday BCI ride rolls out, and then we will do our ABC Quick Check & roll out in our own group.

It's a “no drop” ride, which means that we will stay together and will periodically regroup all riders back together, so no one is left behind.  Our slowest rider will set our group average speed. About half way into the ride we will enjoy the rest stop with all of the long ride, medium ride and short ride BCI riders for a snack and a chance to socialize. If the distance scares you, think of it this way: we really are doing two very short rides, to and from a break, and that’s easy! 

BCI is a recreational, social, non-racing club. An important aspect of our NewB Ride is the new friends you will meet; other NewBs, as well as some experienced members who help out as coaches. Riding with a friend is much more enjoyable! 

4 NewB Rides were scheduled for 2016 on Third Saturdays of every 3rd month:

March 19, June 18, September 17 & December 17  

Class begins at 8:00 a.m. The ride begins a bit after 9:30 a.m. and returns around 12:30.
Guests are welcome and encouraged! Non-members are required to sign a BCI Guest Waiver.
Helmets are strongly recommended and usually worn by all.  Most riders wear gloves and some eye protection. Cycling shorts are more comfortable & bright colored shirts/jackets make you more visible to others on the road; For hydration, carry water… and a little cash for a well-earned snack & cup of coffee at the regroup stop! Any bike in riding condition will do - but most ride thin  tires because it’s a lot more work with big tires!

No registration & FREE – but do email so he has an idea of how many are coming! BCI Members who are willing to coach & role model good bicycle driving are welcome to help out… Cycle of Safety members especially welcome!

Earlier Event: June 17
Laguna Niguel
Later Event: June 18
Saturday Ride