Erwin Fox misses his own 90th Birthday Gathering


A large group gathered at the usual Wednesday location in Fashion Island to wish a Happy 90th to Erwin Fox - but he did not show up... Frank Liger drove the route toward Erwin's house & found police just clearing a crash site - He unfortunately had a mis-step & took a spill on his way over and was transported to Hoag ER for a full day of frustration and waiting for them to release him! 

Erwin NOT celebrating his 90th Birthday teh way he intended!

Erwin NOT celebrating his 90th Birthday teh way he intended!

Thankfully it was Jennifer Short's birthday and she was logging 75 KM for her 75th so we did get to sing & eat the birthday cake!


Bill & Dev Sellin tried to give him a ride home, found him in a foul mood - still wearing his hemet & ready to go but not being released. They hung around until 3:00 hoping to get him home, sat & read his birthday cards to him & hovered waiting for his release - but with a slight fever, cough & dehydration, they were running tests, had him on an IV and did not let him out until after 5:30 when Patti Clasen fetched him to take him home.

If you don’t already have it - his address & phone are below:
519 Carnation, Corona Del Mar, 92625-2016
Phone: (949) 673-5775‬