Website Tips #2

Navigating the new is pretty intuitive, but like a new saddle it takes some time to "adjust"!  Here are a few tips for finding your ride:

1. If you want to see all rides by month, click on the calendar.  Rides and other activities are shown on their scheduled dates.  You can click calendar items to get details and the route slip.

2. If you want to look at all rides by day of week, jump to the bottom of any page on the website and you will find links to Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Friday rides.  Click the link and you will see all posted rides for that day with a link to the route slip.

3. If you want to see all rides and other scheduled events in chronological order, go to the Rides & Events link at the top of each page.  All events and links to route slips are here.

If you have suggestions about how to improve the site, email the webmaster.