Welcome to our new BCI website. 

What you're viewing is the result of lots of time and effort. I am sure you will be pleased with the look and readability of our brand new website.  Like any new computer program, there may be some things that don't work right or could be improved.  Please email your suggestions to

It became necessary earlier this year to redesign the website when our Webmaster resigned. This required the board to bring in outside help with extensive website experience. 

Cathy Scott had been our web person years ago and she was willing to come up with a new web design and act as a consultant as we moved ahead. She will continue as our Webmaster. Likewise, Curtis McHenry came in as our day-to-day expert on getting information on our website. He is the son of Bob McHenry, who is heavily involved in our bicycle safety program.

I would like to praise both Randy Profeta and Jim Norman for all the time and energy they spent in getting the website rolling and facing up to the issues that were all new ground for most of us.

Likewise, we thank Cathy Scott for a great design and patience in dealing with us. Thanks also go out to Curtis McHenry who was always there when we needed him.

We hope you enjoy the new website,

Will Decker