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2019 Officer Nominations

“Take a pull at the front!” Nominations open for Active Members to volunteer themselves for any of the 9 offices, to serve next year. By December 1st the Nominating Committee (Mike, Farrell, Laura Brown & Ed Trainer) shall post and update the list of those candidates who have volunteered to date. Additional candidates may still volunteer to the Nominating Committee until December 21st (mailto: ) to be added as a candidate on the list, & be included on the Official Ballot to be posted December 31st. - see the "slate" & more details at 

Relevant ByLaws:
SECTION 1: Nominations
b. Nomination from the membership shall be accepted until December 21st .
c. Candidates are encouraged to present their qualifications in a statement published with their names posted or announced by whatever communication methods the club uses, by December 1st .
d. Nominees must have attained legal majority and be an Active Member. Nominees are eligible to hold office regardless of their tenure as an Active Member.

Earlier Event: November 20
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