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2016 Officer Candidates and Statements

Here is the slate of volunteers we have for the various board positions, along with the statements submitted by each candidate.   A ballot will be available here on the website beginning December 31st.  You may cast your votes at the Annual Meeting on January 23rd or mail your ballot to BCI's PO box.  Ballots must be received by January 23rd to be counted.  The new 2016 board will be responsible for appointing persons to fill the positions for which there are no candidates.  For positions with multiple candidates, they are listed in alphabetical order.

PRESIDENT - No Volunteers

VICE PRESIDENT - 1 Volunteer:
Penny Poorman - I have been a member since 2000. Now that I have retired, I would like to give back to a club I love dearly.  Qualifications: Member since 2000, spirit award winner 2005, Director at Large 2004.  I am punctual, reliable and enthusiastic. I hope to bring to this club great events in the year 2016. I also am a team player and wish to support our president and the board in a positive and energetic spirit.

RIDE COORDINATOR - 2 Volunteers:
Norm Moyer - I am very knowledgeable with all the requirements since I have previously done the job for 7 years.  I was awarded the BCI Spirit award for my efforts.

Randy Profeta - Here is a summary of my qualifications to continue as BCI Ride Coordinator:

  • Served as BCI Ride Coordinator and member of the Executive Board since 2011,
  • Created route sheets for many BCI Special events such as the OC Bike Rally as well as several BCI training rides,
  • Regularly updates or modifies the ride database to make sure weekend routes are current,
  • Has converted many BCI rides to GPS routes that can be easily downloaded to a Garmin or Magellan sports GPS unit
  • Introduced Mountain Bike rides to BCI and led a Mountain Bike ride as part of the 2015 OC Bike Rally.
  •  Facilitated and led several training events such as Bear Training, Century and Amtrak training.  In addition to developing many of the route sheets, Randy also provided his training groups with a bi-weekly “Tip of the Week” covering a broad range of topics from bike fit to nutrition.
  • With his family, Randy owns and operates BCI sponsor shop Trail’s End Cycling Center in Irvine.  Trail’s End has sponsored many BCI rest stops including the past two holiday rest stops at Working Wardrobes in Costa Mesa.  Trail’s End has also donated many raffle prize give-aways for the past four BCI Annual Meetings.
  • Is a regular participant at BCI New-B orientations for beginning cyclists and those who are new to BCI.  Randy regularly rides with new members, especially those just getting started in cycling.
  • Is an American Bicycling Education Association “Cycling Savvy” certified instructor
  • IS a Gold Level member of the BCI Circle of Safety, having completed both the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) Traffic Safety 101 course and the three-part Cycling Savvy safe riding series.
  • Recipient of the BCI Spirit Award in 2013

Randy is an endurance cyclist who has won the World 24-Hour Mountain Bike championships twice.  He is a Furnace Creek 508 solo finisher and still competes in endurance events when his busy schedule permits.   Randy is happy to share his knowledge and experience with club members and can usually be seen adjusting a derailleur or repairing a flat for a member before the weekend rides at DCP.  He has volunteered as a ride sweep for many BCI rides.  His business reconditions donated bikes and provides them at no cost to homeless veterans through the VetNet program administered by Working Wardrobes.



TREASURER - 1 Volunteer:
Ann Reichling - I believe I am qualified to serve a treasurer for several reasons. I am recently retired after 26 years as a corporate credit analyst. In 2003 I earned a certificate in Personal Financial Planning from UCI Extension and in 2004-2005 I served as treasurer for the University High School Marching band.  I have the experience, the willingness and the time to hold this position.

SECRETARY - No Volunteers

Rhonda Larson - I have previously done the Pacelines for four years from 2010 to 2013.  In between each edition of the Pacelines, I sent out a BCI alerts, so yes, every two weeks or so the BCI membership was well-informed on necessary and relevant topics!  See bottom of this page to view the newsletters.   For my hard work I received the SPIRIT AWARD.

 The first two years I was in charge of the Pacelines, I organized folding parties, dealt with various printers, bought stamps and mailed the newsletters.  Then the board decided that the club could save money if we sent out the newsletters electronically--this was when Laurie Ostrow was president.  With the electronic mailings, the newsletter became more complete with more photos and stories that could be added.  

 I feel strongly in a club newsletters for many reason some of which are:

  1. tells the membership on what has previously happened
  2. informs the membership what is happening currently in the club
  3. communicates to the reader on what activities are coming up
  4. relates articles of information on safety issues, health topics, bicycling news, etc.
  5. shows prospective members what we are doing or will be doing helping the membership to increase
  6. helps members to get to know each other furthering a social perspective to the club 

My favorite one (see below) is the January 2012 edition that was a 30 year BCI Anniversary Edition.  I also have many, many letters that I have saved from the members telling me how much they enjoyed my newsletters, and I can easily provide anyone with these testimonies.

Bill Sellin - I have served in the background and forefront of helping the Bicycle Club of Irvine thrive since the early 1980’s. I am excited to have seen the current board wrestle over the past 6 months with damage control, resulting in improving the club’s website, and untangling the complexities that have hampered the announcements, calendars, ride coordination, statistician data, secretary posts, and membership processing into a modular and accessible internet presence that can be kept current by the Board - with out funneling everything through a web master.

I am committed to holding to our By-Laws and transparently encouraging effective communications. I will strive to keep information current to members and open communications back to the Board to continue our growth, success and recovery through 2016. 

I ask your support in selecting me to serve as our Communications Coordinator

STATISTICIAN - 1 Volunteer:
Marc Urias - I have been a member of BCI for over six years and have served the club as Vice President for the past four years.  During that time I have become familiar with many of the board positions and am qualified for the Statistician position.

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