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2016 Officer Nominations and Elections (Nominations are now closed)

Nominations are now Open for Volunteers until December 21st!

Consider moving up to the front and “taking a pull” setting the pace for the club in 2016!

The Bicycle Club of Irvine is managed by a board of dedicated volunteers who handle a very complex organization. Ideally the board is working invisibly to provide the recreational social experiences our members enjoy, and every year since 1983 we have had a team of officers who have loved BCI enough to volunteer to serve as officers. Every fall the board ‘shakes the trees’ to see who may be interested in serving the next year, mostly to see if there is a particular need to find a member to fill in a gap. In November, several names were identified and endorsed as potential candidates, but several of those named have since declined. The field is wide open for volunteers.

Last year our By-Laws were updated on how we hold selections, so here is what you need to know:

Nominees must be members in good standing & be 18 or older by January 23rd.
Volunteer “nominees” submit their own name along with their qualifications to serve in a particular office by December 21st and they will be placed on the ballot for election in January.

The 9 offices (and current incumbents) are :
President (Will Decker)                                Vice President (Marc Urias)

Ride Coordinator (Randy Profetta)             Membership Director (Ramona Dalton)

Hospitality Director (Beth Sher)                 Secretary (Lois Garland)

Treasurer (Jim Norman)                               Statistician (Vacant; being filled in by VP Marc Urias)

Communications Director (Vacant)

If you have any questions about the duties of offices, check the By-Laws & talk to our current officers.       

Here is the time line:

until December 21st –
Volunteer by nominating yourself with a statement of qualifications to the Board. (

December 21 to 31st –

the Nominating Committee (the Board, less any incumbent ‘running’) will post the slate with each volunteer’s name & “statement of qualification” so everyone will know who is offering to serve, and if there are any races. A ballot of all nominees will appear on the web page by the 31st & voting will open. 

December 31st to January 23rd-

Members will vote on any races between competing volunteers.

Members vote in person at our Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 23rd.
If you don’t want to enjoy the dinner, you can still show up for free to participate, celebrate & vote.
Members who can’t attend, can submit an absentee ballot before the counting of all ballots at the Annual Meeting. The results will be announced and the new officers will seated at the Annual Meeting.
There are no “write ins”, nominations from the floor, or proxy votes allowed, so if you want to serve – you must send in your own statement of qualifications by December 21st  to get on the Ballot.

Earlier Event: December 12
Board of Directors
Later Event: December 19
Saturday Ride