Order your jersey directly from the supplier

3 grades & fit available…
Jerseys - “One Off” Made to Order
SDP $179
(was $125 in last ‘store’)
Team Strip $147
(was $58)
Basic Joe / Basic Jane $145
(was $51)

Shorts $191* (were $99)
Bib shorts $291* SDP & $199* “Ringer”
(were $125 & $103)
+ handling tax & delivery additional

38817 copy 3 less green.jpg

Also available: Vest (was $125),  Arm Warmers (R:Blue, L:HiViz)  (were $29 pair) 

<= JL Velo’s 'Store' was opened several times to take discount group orders. Currently they only have their “one-off” pricing available.

JERSEYS AVAILABLE NOW!  Due to the very tight sizing of JL Velo, there are 4 Jerseys available that were ordered but are too small:  If you are smaller than a typical "Medium" try one of these on! (use the Roster) 
2 Medium Woman's “Team Strip” - Contact Beth Verharst or Debra Coven
( Out $58+ on $147 jerseys )

1 Medium Men's "SPD" - Contact Celso Basilio
( Out $125+ - don’t insult him with 1 $10 offer on a $179 jersey ! )  

BCI Jersey are not required -  just a fun option to show our colors on Jersey Days and when we participate on rides around the world. 
The ‘basic cut" club version that fits more comfortably, but try on a sizing jersey before you order (no returns or exchanges).
*There is a "sport cut" in the Team Strip & SPD’s superior 4-way fabric that is an even tighter race fit so it is suggested that you order a size or two larger than you usually fit. 

Visit JL Velo to try on samples for sizing before you order,
contact Augie Gonzalez  
augie@jlvelo.com (760) 333-0207
& visit their factory location:  216 E 3rd Street, Santa Ana, CA 92702

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