Member Statistics

We are now exclusively using Strava to track the club’s mileage and activities.

Download the free Strava app to your iOS or Android device, join Strava as an athelete, then join the BCI Strava Club, at and start tracking your rides! You can link your GPS, phone app or manually enter rides on a computer.

BCI is using Strava to track members’ mileage, rides, and more! Every mile counts, not just club rides, so record every ride to top the leader board. MEMBERS of BCI who are highest on the leader board will be recognized here and at the end of the year at our Annual Meeting. Not listed? Join or renew with BCI!

February Statistics

These statistics are pulled from Strava. We only collect statistics for Strava members whose Strava usernames match their registered name with BCI.

Important note about these statistics: Strava does not facilitate pulling statistics for the BCI Strava club by month. We can only pull stats by the week. Each week in Strava ends on Sunday night. The stats below represent January 28 through February 24.

Questions? Please email Lindsay, your Statistician, at