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BCI - Bicycle Club Sign up for Bike Safety Class

The League of American Bicyclists, Traffic Skills 101 Signup
You can sign up for a class May 1st for the class at Jax's and May 4th for the hands on clinic at Deerfield Park.

If you have to cancel, you must advise Monica McCarthy This is a 2 day commitment. All BCI members that complete the class will be reimbursed the cost of the class.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see testimonials of riders that have taken this class

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If you are not a BCI member, you may still sign up. Cost is $35. Send payment to:
P. O. Box 50845
Irvine, Ca. 92619-8045

Below are those who have already signed up for the May class :
BCI Safety Class
3Marty Bernstein
5KarenLewis Cook


I took the course with Pete a couple years ago and learned a lot. It's a great course for both beginning and experienced cyclists. Some of what was taught was a good refresher, however, some of the bike handling skills were really challenging and I have yet to master them. A few weeks after taking the course, I had a close call with an obstacle on the road, but was able to avoid hitting it thanks to one of the bike handling techniques I learned in this class.
I would highly recommend this course to all cyclists whether a newbie or a veteran cyclist.
Submitted by Kathy Shapiro

An important awareness from the class was that we cyclists are part of traffic, and must share the road as a slow gravel truck would, allowing others to pass safely but obeying the rules of the road, and also the techniques drills of emergency stopping, and instant turns to avoid collisions with cars cutting us of expands one's confidence in bike handling.
Submitted by Bill Sellin

I took the bike safety and handling skills class in Huntington Beach a couple of months ago. I had put it off for quite a while, not wanting to spend the $35, not wanting to lose an evening to a class, and not wanting to waste a Saturday morning doing bike safety. After all, I have been riding for 20 years, have so far avoided serious accidents, and pretty generally thought I knew it all!
I do see, however, people I ride with doing pretty dicey things and realized that I do them also. So anyhow, I decided to take the class. While not revolutionary, it did teach and/or remind me of many things I could do better when operating my vehicle on the public roads. Taking the class was really time well spent, and I honestly feel that if more of our riders took it, everyone would ride a little safer and that we all would benefit.
Submitted by Scott Oberle

I have taken two safety classes. One with Pete Van Nuys with the bicycle coalition and one with Jim Powers with HB parks and recreation. Both were worth taking.
Things that most impressed me were the statistics on the percentages of different types of accidents. (being hit from behind 4%, etc. and 80% of the bicyclist problems comes from the bicyclist themselves). Another thing I learned was how better to avoid a car turning left in front of you.
There is enough information in this class to keep all of us out of a lot of trouble. The most I can say about these classes is the value of knowledge vs. cost in dollars and safety is well worth it.
Submitted by Larry Oden

This class was a great addition to any bike rider' traffic skills. In particular I found the practice portion, where evasive maneuvers were taught, very helpful. It brought an insight into the need to physically review how to react in certain situations on a regular basis. This portion also graphically demonstrated the difference between having my bike set up for comfort vs. safety.
I personally found that cleat release tension and the 'softness' of my brake hand levers needed tweaking to handle a full-on, high speed emergency stop.
Submitted by Cathy McCoy