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See the Calendar of events for upcoming remote rides

Many members have taken the time to write up their experiences and submitted these writeups to either the Pacelines or the Website (or sometimes both). See what other members say about previous activities in the articles in old Pacelines listed below. Click on the Ride or Article to download the relevent Pacelines ro website file.
Some of the Pacelines are rather large so be patient. It's worth the wait.

Remote Ride WriteupsArticles of Interest
Dec-2003Amtrak Century
Oct-2003Amtrak Century
Nov/Dec-2004Amtrak Century
Nov/Dec-2005Assault on Mt. Mitchell
Nov-2003Bay to Bay MS 150 Bike Tour
July 2007Bear
May/June-2007Bear Training Riders Make it to the Top
Dec-2011Bear Training Rides
Sept/Oct-2009Bicycle Adventure Club
March-2012Bob McHenry and Lunatic Rides
May 2003Breathless Agony Ride
Nov/Dec-2005Bridge to Bride Century
May/June-2006Butterfield Double Century
May/June-2005Butterfield Double Century
Canadian Rockies
Jan/Feb-2010Carlsbad Remote
Nov-2010Carlsbad Remote
Dec-2011Carlsbad Tour
July/Aug-2004Central Coast Double
June-2011Central Coast Ramble
July/Aug-2004Central Park Ride-New York
Aug 2002Cool Breeze
Oct-2010Cool Breeze
Nov/Dec-2009Cool Breeze
Sept/Oct-2006Crochet - Canadian Rockies Cycling and Hiking Expe
July-2010Cruisin' the Conejo
July/Aug-2008Cruisin' the Conejo
June-2003Cruisin' the Conejo
Sept/Oct-2007Cycle Montana
Nov-2011Danube Bike/Barge
Nov 2002Death Valley
March/April-2010Death Valley
Death Valley
May/June-2004Death Valley Double Century
Jan 2003Doo Dah
April-2011Fargo St.
May/June-2004Fun Ride LA
May-2012Glen Ivy
May/June-2010Gran Fundo (San Diego)
July-2010Great Western Bicycle Rally
July/Aug-2007Great Western Bike Rally
Summer 2009Greece
Nov 2002Grizzley Bears
Sept/Oct-2009Happy Valley Ride (Sate College PA.)
Nov 2002High Sierra Fall Century
Feb 2003Hit the Dirt
Summer 2009Holland
May 2009Holland
July/Aug-2004Julian Bike Festival Ride
July/Aug-2004Julian Festival
Oct-2010Kentucky Bike Trip
Jan/Feb-2005LAGBRAU Legacy Annual Great Bike Ride Across Utah
Jan/Feb-2007Las Vegas
Dec-2003Las Vegas entury
Sept/Oct-2012Madison Wisconsin Trip
March 2003Moab
Dec-2003Mojave Desert Winter
Dec-2011Moro State Park Camping
March-2012Mountain Bike Ride 1st for BCI
May-2012Mountain Biking Santa Ana Mt.
Nov/Dec-2004MS150 Ride
Nov/Dec-2005Mt. Rushmore Century
Jan 2003Newbie Ride
Newport/Escondido Loop Ride
Nov-2012Night Riding
Dec-2011O'Neill Park Tour
Nov/Dec-2007Oregon Bibcyle Ride (OBR)
Oct-2003Oregon Bicycle Ride
Nov/Dec-2005Oregon Bicycle Ride
Nov-2011Oregon Coast
2007Outstanding Bike Ride
Palm Springs
July/Aug-2008Palm Springs Remote
Feb-2011Palos Verdes
March 2009Phillipines
Quiet Desert
July 2006RAGBRAI
Nov-2010RAT Ride (Redondo and Torrance)
July/Aug-2004Ride around the Bear
Jan-2003Ride the Bear Baby
Nov/Dec-2009Ride to the top fo the World (Mt. Evans)
Jan 2003Rose Parade
Oct-2012S.A.R.T North to San Bernardino Info
May-2011S.F. to Boellton
Sept-2010SAGBRA Ride across Wisconsin
Dec-2010San Diego
Dec-2011San Diego Ride
July 2003San Luis Obispo
June-2003San Luiso Obispo cycle club 600 km Brevet
April-2011San Mateo State Park
March-2012Santa Ana River Trail
June-2012Santa Ana River Trail 110 Miles?
March-2012Santiago Creek Bike Trail
Nov/Dec-2005Seattle to Portland
Nov/Dec-2005Seattle to Vancouver
June 2003Solvang 300 km Brevet
May/June-2007Solvang Century
Nov 2002Solvang Prelude
Oct 2002Spooktackular Ride
Aug 2010Summer Solstice
June-2003Summer Solstice
Aug-2011Summer Solstice 2011
Jan/Feb-2009Texas Hill Country
Jan/Feb-2008The Danube
Oct-2012Tour de 4 Cities
Dec-2011Tour de 4 Cities North
Nov-2010Tour de 5 Cities
Sept-2011Tour de Big Bear
Dec-2010Tour de Carlsbad
June 2003Tour de Cure
July/Aug-2004Tour de Cure
Jan/Feb-2010Tour de Foothills
March/April-2007Tour de Foothills
Tour de Honeymoon
Nov/Dec-2005Tour de Lac
Jan/Feb-2008Tour de Poway
Nov/Dec-2006Tour de Tahoe (Bike Big Blue)
Dec 2002Tour de Tucson
Jan-2003Tour de Tucson
Dec-2010Touring O'Neill Park
Nov-2010Turkey Burner 2010
Jan-2012Turkey Burner Ride
Nov/Dec-2009Tuscon Desert Classic
Dec-2012Upper Santa Ana River Trail Ride Write-up
Aug 2010Vermont
Feb-2012Wednesday Rides
Feb-2012Who is #1, #2, #3? In BCI
Sept-2012Wine Country Century by Kevin Ivey
May-2011Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride
Sept-2010Yosemite Valley
Aug 2011A Fitting Afternoon - Getting a Bike FittingClub
Aug-2010Arline and Dick BirdClub
Oct-2012BCI Ladies in the Bear Cave, Madison Wisc.Club
Jan/Feb-2010BCI's Holiday PartyClub
Nov/Dec-2009Being President by Will DeckerClub
Mar 2004Bicyclist Tribute to Mark Reynolds and Anne HjelleClub
June-2011Bike Festival UCIClub
Aug-2010Bike RallyClub
Aug 2003Bike Rally 2011Club
Jan-2003Codes on Mailing LabelsClub
Oct-2012Colleen Montoya and Chris DeLa Torre won Cycling nation ChampionshipClub
Oct-2012Colleen Montoya and Chris DelatareClub
May-2012Couples who Ride TogetherClub
Nov/Dec-2009Eating SupperClub
Sept-2010Expand your Horizons with a Bike TourClub
July-2010Farewell to Folding PartiesClub
Oct-2012Global VillageClub
Dec-2010Halloween and Member Appreciation DayClub
Dec-2012Halloween PicturesClub
Sept-2010Holbot Island Scenes and AdventuresClub
Dec-2010Holiday PartyClub
Apr-2011Interview with Will DeckerClub
Mar/April 2009Interview with Bill SellinClub
Jan/Feb-2010Interview with BroadhagClub
Mar/April-2010Interview with Cathy McCoy and Richard SheffClub
July-2012Interview with Colleen MontoyaClub
July-2012Interview with Izzy LeybovichClub
Sept-2012Interview with Jacques JournetClub
June-2012Interview with Jodie RoeClub
Sept/Oct-2012Interview with Kathy ShapiroClub
July-Aug 2012Interview with Marilyn AustinClub
Nov/Dec-2009Interview with Penny the ChefClub
Sept-2012Interview with Ron and Jean HetheringtonClub
Jan/Feb-2010Interview with Steve DevoreClub
Sept/Oct-2009Interviews with BCI PresidentsClub
May/June-2009Interviews with board membersClub
Apr-2011JAX NightClub
Nov-2012Jeanie Leitner Athlete AwardClub
Nov-2012Jodie Roe Athlete AwardClub
June-2012Law of Bicycles and Vehicles CodesClub
June-2012Lunatic Notes from the Lunatic FringeClub
May-2011Marathon Runners in BCIClub
July/Aug -2012Married on a BikeClub
Dec-2011Member Appreciation Day - Halloweenclub
March-2011Members Make Headlines in OC RegisterClub
July-2012Memorial with August BissiriClub
Nov/Dec-2009New WebmasterClub
Sept-2010Norm Celebrates BirthdayClub
Feb-2011Palos VerdesClub
Sept-2010Potluck in the ParkClub
July-2011President's Day RideClub
Jan/Feb-2010Random TandemsClub
May/Jun-2010Richard Sheff and GranFunDOClub
Nov-2010Richard Sheff's BirthdayClub
July/Aug-2009Ride CoordinatorClub
Apr-2011Ride in San Mateo State ParkClub
May/Jun-2010Riding Across Country- by Bill HughesClub
Apr-2011San Mateo State Park AdventureClub
July-Aug 2012Senior Games-Austin,Swartz,RoeClub
Apr-2011Sunday DinnerClub
Oct-2010Sunday Night Dinners RockClub
July-2010Supper on SundaysClub
May/June-2009Swap MeetClub
Dec-2010Touring O'Neill ParkClub
July-2010Tribute to Bill KraemerClub
Sept-2010Tribute to Dan CrainClub
July/Aug-2004Tribute to Doug Phillips Club
Jan/Feb-2007Tribute to Four Time Broken Crank Winner Arnold McClintockClub
July/Aug-2008Tribute to Jerry JeffersonClub
May/Jun 2005Tribute to Karl BonawitzClub
April-2012Tribute to Roger WongClub
Nov/Dec-2009Tues Friday RidesClub
May-2012Webpage updatesClub
June-2012Women Cyclists Past and PresentClub
May-2012'Bike Dreams' - the MovieGeneral
Nov/Dec-2005A Traveler's Guide to some Interesting Bicycle Rides Around the CountryGeneral
Nov-2012Amsterdam BikingGeneral
May/Jun 2004BCI ForumGeneral
Nov/Dec-2009BCI Members Hike Laguna CanyonGeneral
May/Jun-2010Bicycling Commuting IncreaseGeneral
Sept/Oct-2004Bicycling Mag Chooses Irvine to be one of Five Bike town USA SitesGeneral
July/Aug-2007Breathless Agony WinnerGeneral
July-2011CA in Bike FriendlinessGeneral
July/Aug-2008Complete Guide to Climbing by Bike (Book Review)General
Mar/April 2009Creating the 2009 Amgen Tour of Ca Race RouteGeneral
June 2003Dollar Cost AveragingGeneral
Apr-2011Fargo St.General
July-2011Good Humor about Bike LanesGeneral
May/June-2007History of Ride of SilenceGeneral
May/June-2008History of Ride of SilenceGeneral
Nov/Dec-2009Irvine Global Village FestivalGeneral
June-2011It's All about the Bike (Book Review)General
Feb-2011Long Beach and Critical MassGeneral
Sept/Oct-2012Mark Ivey, Olympic CoachGeneral
July/August-2012Orange County Climb StatisticsGeneral
Sept/Oct-2012Pedafest InfoGeneral
July-2011Pesky Signal SensorsGeneral
Dec-2012San Francisco Mt. BikesGeneral
Sept/Oct-2009Stargazing BCI HikersGeneral
Jan/Feb-2005Top 10 reasons to be a BCI MemberGeneral
Sept/Oct 2008Touching Someone's Life (Getting Others to Ride)General
July-2012Touring BikesGeneral
April-2012Tracy Tilton (Interview)General
Sept-2010TREK Factory TourGeneral
Oct-2012Tweed Riding?General
Aug 2003Two Wheels may culturesGeneral
April 2003Western TransportationGeneral
Sept/Oct-2012Words of WisdomGeneral
Aug-20104 Reasons to Ride a BikeHealth
Sept/Oct-2004Century Training Series "Longest Duration Training Ride"Health
May/June-2007Cycling - Osteoporises ConnectionHealth
May/June-2009Getting StrongerHealth
Jan/Feb-2005Good Nutrition Meds and Lots of Bike Riding for a Long LifeHealth
Jan/Feb-2008How to Eat for EnduranceHealth
Sept/Oct-2007How to Find Time for CyclingHealth
Mar/April 2007Sports Medicine Tips from an ExpertHealth
Nov/Dec 2008US Dept of Health Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines for AmericansHealth
Jan/Feb 200606 Hit Parade - Riding with EarphonesSafety
March-2011Bicycle LicernsesSafety
June-2012Bicycling and Running - What is Better?Safety
July-2011Bicyclist's Traffic SchoolSafety
July/Aug-2007Bikes Must Use Sidewalk Signs in Huntington BeachSafety
July 2003Bikes Skill - Turning SafelySafety
May/June-2009Cycling and the Law - About CitationsSafety
Jan/Feb-2007Cycling Safety ContrivedSafety
April 2003Encouraging Safe RidingSafety
May 2003Grandpa Cogburn Sez = (stunts on bikes)Safety
June 2003Grandpa Cogburn Sez = cyclists acting responsibilitySafety
July 2003Grandpa Cogburn Sez = Passing on the rightSafety
Sept 2003Grandpa Cogmurn Sez = (Expect the unexpected)Safety
July/Aug-2009Helmuts - a Buyer's GuideSafety
Nov/Dec-2006How to Ride in a GroupSafety
July-2010Interview with Phil NortonSafety
July-2010Law about Cyclists on SidewalkSafety
Oct-2012Night Riding - September's Montly MeetingSafety
Feb-2003On your left-Riding Safely in GroupsSafety
Apr-2011Riding Bikes on SidewalksSafety
Jan-2003Riding in the RainSafety
Sept 2003Riding Naked (using a mirror)Safety
June-2011Save Bicycling in US TransportationSafety
Nov-2010Speed Limits on Bike TrailsSafety
Jan/Feb-2005Stop and Think about itSafety
Jan/Feb-2005Street Wise - Safety TipsSafety
Nov 2003Survival - Worst Case ScenariosSafety
Jan/Feb-2010Ten Commandments of BicyclingSafety
Aug 2003Thank Goodness for Helmets and those Pesky Helmet "Dots"Safety
Nov/Dec-2004The Dog ate my HandlebarsSafety
July/Aug 2005Three Essential Techniques for RoadiesSafety
March-2011Ticket FestSafety
Nov/Dec-2009Traffic LawsSafety
Oct-2012Two Bicycle FatalitiesSafety
May 2003Two to Tango (Tandem Ride)Safety
Bicycle Club of Irvine