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Sold 2001 Xterra and interior bike rack does not fit new Subaru Crosstrek.­ C
Please let me know.­ Tks

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How much incline is too much for a new rider? view
Something else you can try is working on your cardio.­ Do you have gym member
News & General Discussion
How much incline is too much for a new rider? view
Ok thanks for all the tips.­ I don't know much about bikes just yet and I'm
News & General Discussion
How much incline is too much for a new rider? view
Check your gearing.­.­.­on my single I have a 28 tooth cog and admit I
News & General Discussion
How much incline is too much for a new rider? view
Ok I tried the ride again yesterday and I got past one of the 2 last hills, but
News & General Discussion
How much incline is too much for a new rider? view
Abel: Jamboree is about 4-5% in most spots and occasionally reaches 6%.­
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Current weather in Irvine (from National Weather Service): Partly Cloudy, 88.0 F (31.1 C), 9 % humidity
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Did you know that each year BCI solicits new volunteers to serve as officers/directors on the governing board? Fresh officers each year bring new dynamics to the club. Additionally, two members at large are selected by the elected officers and other committees are needed for special events and tasks. If you are willing to volunteer for a position, we would love to nominate you. Contact the Board of Directors at and we'll put your name on the ballot to be circulated to the membership in December. The election is held at BCI's annual meeting in January and the term is for one year. For a full description of the duties of our officers, please see the club bylaws at


Welcome to BCI's Website. The Bicycle Club of Irvine is a recreational and social cycling club for men and women of all ages and skill levels. Please come and check out our rides and events, read about our history, becoming a member, and find out what's new at BCI.
You do not have to become a member before riding with us. Just come and see if the club is a good fit for you, and you can then become a member if you feel a connection. We are a very social club and think you will enjoy the friendliness and opportunity to spend time with new-made friends. We ask you to wear a helmet and when you arrive at the park, sign in on the guest sign-in sheet. Route information is available to the left side of this page.

This Week at BCI

Thu 11/27/2014 Special Event Thanksgiving Day Ride 9:00 AM
Fri 11/28/2014 Friday Ride 9:00 AM
Sat 11/29/2014 Saturday ride 09:00 AM
Sun 11/30/2014 Sunday ride 09:00 AM
Sun 11/30/2014 Short Sunday Ride 09:00 AM
Tue 12/02/2014 Tuesday Ride 9:30 AM
Wed 12/03/2014 Wednesday Ride 09:00 AM

Thu Nov 27, 2014 9:00 AM - Special Thanksgiving Day Ride

Thanksgiving Day Ride
Medium and long go to Huntington Beach
Long Plus goes to Seal Beach
Route Slip:Click (Note: Click on ride designator (e.g. SUN35) at top of route slip for formatting options)
Location: Deerfield Park

Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:00 AM - New/B Class

Newbie Ride: Orientation class begins at 8:00 a.m. The ride begins after 9:00 a.m. and returns around noon. Helmets are strongly recommended and should be worn by all. See the flyer for more details or the New to Riding Page for more details.
Location: Deerfield Park

Street Maintenance

Irvine's public works department has an online Maintenance request form for submitting work requests.

Also see the links page for other agencies

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New to biking in Orange County?

New to group riding? Want to try out the BCI? Want to introduce the BCI to your friends? -- Check out the FREE Newbie ride and schedule of NewB classes/Meetings and other special rides.

Don't Forget the After-Ride Lunch

The first Saturday is Jersey Day and we will meet at Gelson's Market Shopping Center after the ride (about 12:30 pm) for lunch. There are a number of food outlets and plenty of shaded places to sit outside. Room for the bikes also. Come join us!


Speakers Wanted for Future General Meetings Do you have a contact who would make a good speaker for our general meetings? If so, please contact the club Vice President.


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